Call Me Ishmael

“Lauryn, please find a place for your whale!”  

(The unspoken sentiment is actually “Lauryn, for the love, right now this minute get this huge inflatable whale out of the middle of the living room and put it away!  I’ve picked it up and put it in the playroom 17 times today!”)

So after being told “find a place for your whale”, here’s where she put it:

The bathtub in the master bathroom.  Did she think this was an appropriate habitat?  That the whale might need some water?

I’ve left it there for a few days now.  Makes me smile.

I feel I should admit that I know the phrase “Call me Ishmael” from pop culture references only.  I’ve never actually read Moby Dick.  But it’s about a whale, right?

4 comments on “Call Me Ishmael

  1. Clever. I like it. DO you use your bathtub? Or are you a showers-only girl? I can’t answer with 100% certainty! I love baths and rarely take showers. But I’m guessing you’re a shower girl.

  2. I’ve moved that very same whale a million times at our house too! Sometimes, forcefully, in hopes that I might “accidentally” puncture it and it would be no more. So far, no luck.

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