Blue Cheese and Bacon Burgers

I thought I hated blue cheese.  I was convinced of that fact, actually. (The list of foods I don’t like is very, very short, so there’s little chance for confusion.)

Then last year on a girlfriend road-trip to Dallas, said girlfriends ordered some cheese fondue, heavily featuring blue cheese.  And I liked it.  But I thought, “Nah.  It’s just the good time I’m having with my friends, increasing my tolerance and transferring these good time feelings to my taste buds, making this smelly stuff bearable.”

But this week Jonathan prepared some blue cheese and bacon crumble hamburgers, and wow they were good. Delightful, delectable, and delicious.

I still think blue cheese still smells like dirty feet.  And yet….it’s so tasty.  A culinary mystery. 


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