Flower Hair Clips

Lauryn and I spent a fun, girly afternoon together.  After a haircut (for her) and lunch, we went on a shopping expedition to find what we needed to make flower hair clips. A much requested item of late, as it’s been reported that “all” her friends are wearing them. 

After rejecting the price Hobby Lobby was charging for an artificial flower ($4 bucks for ONE individual flower?  Ya gotta be kidding me), Lauryn and I ended up at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree never lets me down!

3 bunches of artificial flowers = $3.00
8 metal hair clips at Michael’s (FYI: find them in the ribbon aisle) = $2.00

First I popped a flower off its stem, then pulled out the green plastic thingie in the center holding it together.  Like such:

Then I cut some fabric the length of the hair clip and hot glued it on:

The fabric isn’t seen; it gets covered up by the flower, and gives the flower more to stick to:

Then I just hot glued the petals onto the fabric, layer by layer. Easy and quick.  

Here we are, modeling our lovely creations!

So cute!

I should have purchased some small fake jewels for the center of the flowers. But I forgot, so we used a button on one, and a clear stone on another.  Still cute.

I have a lot of flowers left — if your little girl receives a gift from me anytime soon, it will be decorated with a flower hair clip!  Wouldn’t these be cute clipped on a gift bag, or used as a bow on a package?


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