I’m playing favorites with my crafting.

I like to make stuff.  I’m learning to sew and crochet and be otherwise creative. “Learning” be the key word, but you gotta start somewhere! 

If I dig deep and explore my motivations, I do these things because when I’m sewing or painting or otherwise crafting….I’m NOT doing laundry.  It’s partly an escape mechanism.

But also, I just like to make stuff.  It’s a stress relieving outlet.  When I’m stressed or have had my feelings hurt, I have like 18 projects going at once.  (Sadly, 17 of those will probably never get finished.)

Here’s some stuff I’ve made recently:

A shamrock shirt for St. Patty’s Day.  (A one day a year shirt is so unpractical, but pretty cute.)

A scarf I crocheted for Lauryn that she refuses to pose in for a picture this morning.  She is very busy watching Big Bird at the moment.  I just noticed Big Bird is being serenaded by Waylon Jennings.  Weird. 

And I appliqued fabric letters for Lauryn’s room, and painted some Dollar Tree frames to hang them up in:

The main point here is that these, and any other crafty endeavor I could show you, have been made for Lauryn.  I have yet to make anything for the boys.  I am playing favorites with my crafting. And the boys’ have started calling me out on it.

They’ve started asking when I’m going to make something for them. “Every time you make something it’s for Lauryn!”  I’m stumped.  Dylan requested that I crochet him a hat….but it turns out my crochet ability does not extend beyond scarves at this time.  Not for lack of trying, it’s just the skill level where I’m stuck.  I could make a scarf and wrap it around his head turban style, but he wasn’t interested.

I find some cute things online, but they verge on the edge of being too baby-ish for my big 7 and 6 year olds who want to wear shirts with skateboarders and pirate skulls (school mascot is a pirate).  

But how CUTE is this robot shirt:

ADORABLE, right?  Directions can be found by clicking here. [corrected link] Oh, one of you with a 2 or 3 or 4 year old, please, please make this shirt.  Please?  I think it’s so fun!!! 

And if you have ideas about what I could make for my handsome young men, send me an email!  Maybe I could applique a pirate skull……


One thought on “I’m playing favorites with my crafting.

  1. Perhaps a shirt with a manly knight crest would be good. Or, an explosion. Or, a lightning bolt. …Um, if you figure out that lightning bolt one, let me know. That is what my Sunday School Class calls themselves. (I just run with it.)

    All together, I like the scarf the best. Too bad your sweet daughter refused to leave Big Bird to model. I bet that’s the only way to make that scarf cuter. ^_^

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