Why do I like old stuff?

If “really old” is among an item’s attributes, then I’m strangely drawn too it.

When I’m given something that has some history behind it, it makes me feel happily nostalgic.  I’ve mentioned before that nostalgia is a feeling I enjoy.

When I told my grandmother I was interested in sewing, she went into high gear looking through all her old sewing notions to see what she could give me.

My grandma is interesting when it comes to “stuff.”  She calls her house full of stuff “her treasures.”  She seems to have a lot of it. Not only is she very sloooooow to throw away anything (you know it’s true Earlene – don’t deny it or I’ll take pictures of your storage shed and post them on the internet), she also becomes kind of a dumping zone for the rest of the family.  My old jr high yearbooks?  Didn’t want them.  Didn’t wanna throw them away.  So I gave them to grandma knowing she would find a place for them.  I don’t think I’m the only family member to do this to her, but it’s possible I do it the most.  Sorry Grandma.  You’re too good me to.   

All that to say, that there’s really no telling who was the original owner of these sewing notions.  Could be grandma.  Or, they could have once belonged to my great-grandma Allie.  They could have been my Great-Aunt Rita’s.  Or, most likely, they could have belonged to some dearly departed woman named Lucy May, whose identity or relationship to my family I really don’t fully understand – I just hear “Oh…that was Lucy May’s…” quite a bit when digging thru the “treasures” at my Grandma’s house.

Do these make anyone but me happy?

I couldn’t find a date on these needles anywhere.
But I know in 2010 I can’t purchase 25 needles for $.15 cents.
When you open the delicate little paper packages, the needles are stuck through pieces of burlap!
This too, makes me strangely happy.
The end.

5 comments on “Why do I like old stuff?

  1. Old pretty much equals trash, or goodwill, if i’m feeling particularly gracious.
    Just like my “just sit there” goal will never make your list, I don’t think I’ll ever be with you on this, girl!
    But I was just telling Dan that you were one of my favorite people to hang with in Lubbock!

  2. I’m w/u on this Starr!! I LOVE old things {side note~I’m really liking the jubilee needles ;)} Anyway, it does make me happy especially if the history of that particular thing is somehow links to my family :)

  3. Funny what we hang on to. I still, after all these years, have Granny Allie’s old pop bottle opener and a bottle of Coca~Cola! Makes me happy :-)

  4. Tina – And I doubt I’ll ever browse through Vogue, but I love to hang out with you too!!! Funny how that works. It’s a God thing.

    Danielle – I love them too! Don’t be surprised if you see my old little needle packages framed and in a shadowbox somewhere. ;-) I love the colors…the font…the fact they were made in England and not mass produced in China…the old crumbly paper. Joy, joy, joy. Ha!

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