She’ll wear it out of love for me. Moms are good that way.

My mother-in-law (who seriously has the patience of Job, by the way) agreed to teach me to crochet while she was here visiting for Christmas. I posted this as a twitter update last month:

So far, I’ve continued my trend, and can now “sorta” crochet.

I am not a visual learner. Whatever is the opposite of being good at following visual directions…I’m that. The opposite. So needless to say, I was a difficult student. In addition to chronically forgetting the steps for each stitch, I also just have difficulty coordinating delicate fine motor skills. Why did I wanna learn to crochet again?

Anyhoo – I present to you my first completed project.

It’s a scarf! It took me approximately 8,700 hours to finish. It’s lopsided. The stitches are uneven. It starts out with three chains….around the middle it widens to six or seven…then I whittle my way back down to four-ish as I finish it out.

I’m sending it to my mom, because as my mother I think she will feel compelled – obligated even! – to wrap this lopsided piece of wearable art right around her lovely neck. Mom’s all over the world wear weird stuff their kids make them, right? Generally it’s macaroni necklaces made by preschoolers, but I feel this is in that same category.

(I’ll send my crochet-mentor-extraordinaire a scarf when my technique is a little improved! Probably around Christmas of 2017. And, YES, I’ll send my mom a better one too of course!)

6 comments on “She’ll wear it out of love for me. Moms are good that way.

  1. Ha ha! This story totally reminded me of the friendship bracelet L’il C tried to make this week….. totally messed up but I let her know how proud I was of her effort! :)

    ….At least yours looks good. :)

  2. Well….your mom wore the scarf to work yesterday and she looked marvelous, just marvelous. I’m not sure she wore it quite like you instructed….but it worked. Keep on stitchin’ hun!!

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