Another “old stuff” confession.

I have wanted a car like this since I was ten years old.

A 1964 Mustang.  I saw a beautiful red one for sale yesterday.  I’m not gonna lie.  If it was at all feasible for me to own a car like this, I would still want one. 

As a preteen, I cared not that the boys scoffed that I would dream of such a car…cared not that they said it was a “dude car.”  I loved it regardless and made my love known to all.  I may or may not have displayed a poster in my bedroom with this car on it.  Right next to my poster of Chad Allen.

I owned a 1964 Mustang for all of about five minutes. (Ok, technically, my parents did.)  My then step-dad bought one in need of a paint job when I was 15 years old. I tried to back it out of the driveway, and RAN INTO A PONTOON BOAT that was sitting on a trailer.  Oh yes I did. How does one hit something so large as a pontoon boat?  It takes a great deal of ineptitude behind the wheel.  There was no damage to the boat beyond a scratch, and little damage to the car.  (I don’t even know if my mom or grandparents – owners of said pontoon boat – knows this story?  I seem to have a memory of talking my then step-dad into keeping my little fender bender just between us.  If so, sorry mom!)

Regardless, my parents decided I needed something with less engine and more safety features, and by the time I turned 16 it had been sold.

I was destined to drive a Chevy Corsica for most of high school and college.  So not cool.

Did you have a dream car growing up?  What did you drive in High School?

UPDATED TO ADD:  Did you see the comment my mom left?   
“…this was a HUGE boat, people. Not easily missed in the water so it had to have looked three times the size on the trailer on dry land….”
Thus the reason I was not quick to share the news of my fender bender.  I think the love language in my family is teasing.  I had only weeks earlier backed into a light pole.  I couldn’t bear to add the pontoon incident to their teasing arsenal. 

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  1. I soooo wanted a bug convertible. Did not get it. My first car was a white datsun(before it was nissan) sentra four speed. I was however unable to drive a four speed. ex. I was driving with Lori Crain we took it to the car wash off of 97. I could not get it into the rails for the automatic wash so the attendant had to do it for me. Lori and I got back into the car and tried to drive down 97. The car would not go I was hitting the steering wheel and saying things I should not have been saying. I bent all of my rings to my fingers. I pulled over and realized that the parking break was on. Good times!! My next car was a 1985 leisure suit blue four door ford escort. My parents paid 1200.00 for it. I drove it for one and a half years. It was traded(they gave 1000.00 for it) in on a 1993 Nissan Sentra. I drove the sentra till it was totaled on 9-11-01.
    Once I became a mom my dream car has turned into a Honda Odyssey. Which is what I now drive, but it has issues and we bought it with issues(whole story in it’s self). However it is paid for :). But I still want a brand new one with side windows that roll down.

  2. We actually purchased two 1964 1/2 Mustangs. One, souped up with all the “cool” stuff and with standard shift (which needless to say Starr never learned to drive!); and the other automatic – nice, but not as cool. And I’m remembering that you did drive the automatic for just a short time after getting your license, didn’t you? Anyway I think you did finally tell me about hitting the pontoon boat (and this was a HUGE boat, people. Not easily missed in the water so it had to have looked three times the size on the trailer on dry land)!

  3. I always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. Still do. I had to settle for a Ford Tempo in high school. I had a cool car once (Mitsubishi Eclipse I gifted myself with after finishing grad school). I fear that functionality will drive all car decisions from here on out. My Jeep Wrangler dream is fizzling as I type. Boo!

  4. Um, I would just like to say that MY dream car actually WOULD have been my mom’s Corsica (which I was promised for my 16th birthday, and which I was fine with). But what was I surprised with on my 16th birthday? The Smurfmobile. Good times. A Smurf-blue Pontiac Lister. I hated that car at first, but I grew to love it. In hindsight, that was a huge character-builder. I’m so glad I got to drive an uncool car in high school.

  5. My sophomore year I used to ride to school with a boy named John, who actually drove a white ’64 or ’65 Mustang. I paid him five bucks a week for gas (so worth avoiding the humiliation of riding the dreaded school bus). In June, when I turned 16, my grandma bought me a 1988 black and gray Ford Escort. I called it the roach. It was a clunker. By August, the a/c no longer worked and a few months later the transmission went out at an intersection in front of a liquor store. They wouldn’t even let me come inside to call my mom! I had that car until my freshman year in college when the transmission went out again in the middle of nowhere off hwy 412. I was on my way home for Christmas break and I had packed my car FULL of stuff. And this was before everyone in the universe had cell phones. (My dad still refuses to own one!) I sat on the side of the road and cried and prayed that God would send one of my sand springs friends to save me. Erica showed up within five minutes, and we loaded down her roller skate car (which was already full of her stufff) with ALL of my things and headed home. That was the last time I saw that car. My dad had it towed home and perhaps rolled it off a cliff, the piece of junk. I agree with Lisa that it was a character builder. My poor children. Who knows what character building car they will have to drive! By the way, my dream car is a Land Rover. Never gonna happen!

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