Those pesky gender roles!!!

Ryan was complaining about having to fold and put away his karate uniform.

He’d attempted it twice, and it looked a lot more like “wad up and throw in corner” than “fold and put away.”

So as I sent him back to try a third time, he whines: “I just can’t fold it. I’m not very good at girl jobs.”

Gasp!!! WHAT?!?! Did he seriously just say that?? A girl job?

He earned himself a new job of folding and putting away much more laundry that just his karate uniform.

He also inspired a new commitment in his mom to NOT raise a helpless man child who lives in filth all through college because he’s unaccustomed to doing simple “girl jobs.” There may also have been a teeny lecture wherein my 7 year old was very confused about why I was asking him if he wanted to still depend on his mommy when he goes to college. It seemed a productive conversation at the time.


I’ve been hmph-ing and muttering “girl job” under my breath for two days now. Maybe I’m cranky. He picked the wrong day to gender stereotype. Especially heinous for it to be about laundry, my constant and ever-powerful nemesis.

5 comments on “Those pesky gender roles!!!

  1. It’s crazy how early they pick up on things like this. A couple of months ago, I asked Wyatt to pick up his legos before moving on to something else. He said he didn’t want to b/c cleaning is for girls. He’s FOUR!!! Eric is actually really good about cleaning, so I’m not sure where he picked it up. But it blew my mind, and I think about that incident often.

  2. I think I get a lot crankier about “girl jobs” during this time of year because I feel like I have so many more. Hubby doesn’t shop for x-mas gifts, wrap every present, choose, address, stamp and mail x-mas cards, menu plan, prep musical costumes, etc. And that’s all on top of my regular “girl jobs.”

    I’d be cranky if a male in my house made a comment like that to me, too.

  3. Oh girl! I highly support you. My dad is the dependent man child that depends on my mom for everything. :) Brad helps me with dishes and housework consistently. I don’t want our kids thinking it is “mom’s job” since we both work full time. :) He is an amazing help to me. (I in turn also help with the lawn work.)

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