I use shortcuts. Whenever possible. I am not ashamed.

I’m pretty busy.

Not quite as busy as several other Mom’s I know. But in addition to the times my life really is crazy, I occasionally waste entire days due to poor time management skills. So in the reality of my own mind I’m technically just as busy as they are!

In addition to being (somewhat) busy, I don’t particularly enjoy being in the kitchen, so there are a few kitchen shortcuts I heartily embrace:

Frozen chopped onions. Throw these in taco meat…soups…chili…sauces, etc. For less than a dollar a bag it saves me the time (and tears) of chopping up onions. And they’re diced up nice and uniformly and small. Love it.

A lot of the time, I do mince my own garlic (in a mini-food processor, not by hand; let’s not get carried away), but I’m certainly not above using the jarred stuff when in a time crunch:

I’m also a fan of pre-made pizza crusts, crescent rolls, pancake mix, and biscuits. If Pillsbury makes it, I’ve probably bought it. (I know! I know! It seems most mommy bloggers grow their own fruits and vegetables, milk the goat in the back yard, and create gourmet meals out of home grown tofu…..I feel so counter-cultural! I love you DoughBoy!)

Maybe someday flour will be a staple in my kitchen. But not currently. I heard someone talking the other day about grinding their own flour. I decided then and there that a nice goal for me might be to make some recipes that actually required flour.

There are a few shortcuts I don’t use: I don’t make box dinners, only because I made my husband eat that kind of stuff way too often early in our marriage. If he never, ever has to eat another serving of Hamburger Helper, he will still have eaten more than is reasonable for anyone’s lifetime.

He really shouldn’t have to eat another soft taco or serving of spaghetti either. But I’m not emotionally ready to purge those trusty stand-bys from our menu just yet.

And finally, on those nights when it’s just me and the kids:

So there you go. The confession of a mom who embraces pre-made biscuits and frozen chopped onions. I know there are more of you. Be loud. Be proud. Let your voice be heard.

10 comments on “I use shortcuts. Whenever possible. I am not ashamed.

  1. I will learn to cook when they invent Jetson kitchens. You know, the ones that you just push a button & the food materializes. THAT’S my idea of cooking. Until then, give me all the shortcuts available! 🙂

  2. Loudly and proudly I will admit to using every shortcut possible on those rare occasions that I am actually in my kitchen…shortcut that works best for me – eat out!!

  3. THANK YOU!! I have been hiding my shortcut-love in a closet in shame. I am SO with you…if there’s a shortcut to be found, I’m usin’ it. Do you know about Southern Living’s Easy Weeknight Favorites cookbook? Love it – it has yummy, home-cooked-tasting recipes, and they all say “use a can of this, premade that, frozen this…”…awesome! I have a friend who is one of those grind-her-own flour kind of girls (literally). Feeds her kids freshly blended fruit and wheat germ smoothies in the mornings (and they love it, of course), sews, quilts, decorates, you name it…and she has SIX kids! I can’t hardly read her blog without hanging my head in guilt.

    So…THANK YOU for validating my shortcut-edness! I am putting those pre-chopped onions on my grocery list right now! 🙂 By the way, we had hamburger helper for dinner at my house last night. 🙁

  4. I am so not the best cook in the world. So I do whatever I can to make cooking easier on me. On nights that Nate is not home the boys and I break out frozen dinners, Spaghettios, and even a good ole bowl of cereal.

  5. I feel the urge to start this out with “dude,” But that is so not me, so I won’t…
    If you like garlic & shortcuts, try the SteamFresh Garlic Cauliflower. 6min in Microwave. Sprinkle w/parmesean cheese & voila! I have been snacking on this for months to get my salty on & still get my jeans on the next day.

  6. Spaghettios seems like the perfect meal when it’s just you and the kids. Canned ravioli used to be my boys’ favorite meal. When they stopped making the Garfield brand (you know, the cartoon cat) I thought they would die of sadness.

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