They do not share their Father’s dry, intelligent wit.

Not so far at least. Someday my kids will mature, and hopefully their sense of humor will mature along with them.

I don’t think that ever happened with me – that maturation. I seem to have somehow acquired and retained the sense of humor of a 9 year old boy. So naturally, what strikes my kids funny bone is the same stuff that makes me howl with laughter.

Really sophisticated things, like people falling down stairs. Or accidental humor that happens with a well-timed burp. We’re also big fans of people accidentally running into walls or closed glass doors. Stuff that kids generally find funny – I just happen to be a 31 year old who finds these things hysterical as well.

We had a good laugh fest this morning before school over something equally mature.

I was making Dylan create sentences out of his sight words.

The word was “but.” (Savvy readers may see where this is headed.)

Dylan: “I wanted to eat, but it wasn’t snack time.”

Lauryn: “Dylan. You can’t eat butt.”

The way she delivered that line, completely deadpan, with no inflection and no expression on her sleepy little face face, sent me and the boys into hysterics. “You can’t eat butt” was enough to keep us laughing most of the morning.

Lauyrn, being as that she was completely serious in her admonition, still doesn’t get what we were laughing at.

Good times.

One thought on “They do not share their Father’s dry, intelligent wit.

  1. You can’t eat butt. LMBO. 🙂

    Okay, last night when Claire and I were reading, she accidentally man-belched right in the middle of the sentence and then just finished the sentence. I was like, “WHAT WAS THAT???” And then we laughed for like 10 minutes straight, until we got in trouble from Keith for being too loud.

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