Hey Moms, do you know about “Groovy Girls”?

After her daughters outgrew them, a friend at church passed on their collection of “Groovy Girls” to Lauryn – they quickly became her favorite, favorite thing to play with.

I am SUCH a fan of these dolls. They have great clothing and accessories, as well as fun stuff like horses, cars, and bunk beds. Until they were given to Lauryn, I had never even heard of them!

How did I not know about these!?!?!

Just wanted to do a little public service announcement, in case any readers are in the dark like I was.

If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift idea for your preschool age girl, this could be the way to go!

Additional benefit: They’re easy to dress, don’t have teeny plastic shoes that get lost, and I don’t feel like we need to have an anatomy lesson every time Lauryn changes their clothes. It’s nice that they look like dolls and not like surgically enhanced mannequins.

The company appears to be very intentional about having a positive influence on young girls. Their website claims that “our dolls provide a way for young girls to experience fun, fashion-filled doll play while promoting age-appropriate values and attitudes.”

I’m a huge fan! Lauryn is blessed to have inherited such a great collection. (Thank you to her generous benefactors!!)

Check ‘em out at Groovy Girls.com.

So moms (or dads, if you’re one of my 2 male readers), what other great toys are out there? What are your kids current or classic favorites? Let’s hear it in the comment section!

(And I feel like an idiot when I blatantly ask for comments, and get none. So help out my pride and leave a little comment love. Please.)

9 comments on “Hey Moms, do you know about “Groovy Girls”?

  1. Ok so here is a little comment love 🙂 Thanks for your writings 🙂 Those are really neat…hmmm good ideas for christmas for nieces and such. My son is only 9 months so his current favorite toys include shoes, any scrap of anything that is a choking hazard, removing books from shelf, and a mints tin with some rice in it. He does play with his Little Tykes farm a bit though. So yeah not much toy input!


  2. NEVER have I heard of these. They look awesome. Thanks for the tip. I’m a big fan of toys that make you move. Stuff to balance on, jump over, chase, etc. Roller skates and hula hoops are good examples. These type of toys tend to have good longevity, kids can use them in different ways as they get bigger; and they tend to engage me as a parent more.

  3. I can totally relate on asking for comments and getting nothing. It’s like you can hear crickets chirping. 🙂

    We love Groovy Girls, too! They are awesome. I also love Lincoln Logs – so much great creativity, and it’s fun to play with something I played with as a kid! And both of my kids (boy and girl) love GeoTrax. There are tons of different pieces/accessories you can buy, the tracks and train cars go together in dozens of different ways, loading and unloading cargo, hours of fun…. Love it!

  4. We have just entered the age of Legos, and we’re having fun with them. Both of my boys actually do better with the larger Legos (called Duplex, I think.

    We’re also into any instrument. Sometimes my house gets really, really loud.

    I shudder to think what torture my boys would inflict on these lovely looking dolls, but if I had girls I would take your recommendation to heart.

  5. Hi Starr! My kids both really like play food and accessories. I’m looking for a standing play kitchen for Gwyn for her birthday this month. I’m a big fan of pretend play in whatever context!

    (better late than never right?)

  6. Laine loved Groovy Girls when she was Laryn’s age. She still has her’s. The classic toy for my boys is Lego. Also, good old fake weapons: swords, light sabers, guns along with ‘boy dress up clothes’ get the most use at our house.

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