Flashback Friday: Oh those cheeks!

Disclaimer: Sappy maternal reminiscing ahead. I was due for a post such as this one. Look away now if such things offend you.

When we capture video of our kids, it’s the 2 or 3 minute snippets we record using our iPhones.

The last time we used our camcorder was Lauryn’s first birthday…..and she just turned four last month.

So, feeling secure that if we hadn’t used it in 3 years we wouldn’t miss it, we got the camcorder out today to sell on Craigslist. In the process of cleaning out the camcorder bag, we sat with the kids and watched some of the old video we found.

Ryan learning to sing his ABC’s….Dylan learning to crawl….and Lauryn’s first Christmas were among the many treasures.

We learned:
Lauryn has been yelling and fussing at her brothers from a very, very early age.
Dylan has always liked to wrestle – even before he could walk.
Ryan could identify all his letters and colors at 2 years old.

But the most compelling thing that happened watching the videos: I was reintroduced to Dylan’s cheeks. The toddler version. OH. THE. CHUBBINESS. I can’t stand it. It’s too, too adorable.

Once I saw those chubby things on video I needed more. Must have more of Dylan’s cheeks!!!

I got out the laptop in search of more cheeks.

Dripping with blackberry juice at the orchard…it’s too much. Too much cuteness!

The big brown eyes are adorable, yes. But they got nothin’ on the cheeks.

I know you want more. More cheeks. Here ya go:

I thought I could look through a couple of folders worth of pictures. Get my cheek fix.

But like any addict, a little bit was not enough. Half an hour later I was still admiring his chubby little face.

Dirty dishes were calling…phone calls were going unanswered…my family was playing outside without me, begging me to join them…but the cheeks were calling.

For a brief glorious period, the cheeks were connected to a delicious double chin:

For about a year of his life, starting at about 9 months, he claimed the title of the chubbiest (and therefore most cuddle worthy) kid in the church nursery. During this time my brain began to think of Dylan as a round roly-poly kid. I sometimes still think of him this way, even though he’s now completely stretched out and thin just like his big brother. I just loved the roly-poly version so darn much!

Look closely at the picture below and you will see the faint outline of lipstick on those oh-so-kissable cheeks. There’s really no telling who left it there. Those cheeks drew everyone in. Could be my lips. Could be the lips of Ms. Mary, the beloved nursery director. Could be a random old lady at the grocery store. There’s really no way to tell…

Photographic evidence indicates the cheeks began to make their disappearance around age 3. I wish I knew how much I would miss them.

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  1. AWWW>>> so sweet!! I remember those kissable little cheeks and that adorable chuckle when you kissed them!! Ms. Mary

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