Family Night: When I grow up…

For Family Night last week the kids created a life size portrait of themselves, portrayed as whatever profession they would like to be when they grow up.

First up, we traced their outlines.

Then they got to work creating their “uniforms”.

Ryan wants to be a “Video Game Designer.” When he created his outfit, it morphed into “Video Game Worker”, because he didn’t know how to spell “designer”. I recognize that problem solving technique. Can’t spell the word? Just use another one! Still do that myself occasionally.

(Click any image to enlarge.)
Holding both a Wii remote and an Xbox remote. Nice.

Dylan wants to be a Pastor. When I told Jonathan he said, “Really? Not something exciting like a fireman or police officer?” Interesting analysis considering his profession. Must have been a hard day at work.

A Bible and a microphone are apparently Pastor essentials.

Lauryn….well, she morphed from wanting to be a teacher into wanting to be an alien and then back to wanting to be a teacher again. “Tell me about your purple hand Lauryn.” “I’m an alien. That’s how I kill people.” Nice. Family Night just went strangely and hysterically off course.

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