Sledding and Snowball Fights in September

Lawn sledding. And snowball fights with snowballs purchased from a store. Who knew you could buy snowballs!?! FUN!

It has cooled off a wee little bit in the last couple days. But weather cool enough for actual snowfall is still months away. (If, that is, we even get any snow – last year a light dusting, here and gone in minutes, was the only winter weather we saw.)

So we hurried up the cool weather a bit with a “Winter” theme for Family night.

We started out making snowflakes. I hadn’t made paper snowflakes in years. After a quick reminder about how to fold the paper (Google to the rescue!), we were off and cutting.

For dinner, we ate beef stroganoff that had simmered in the crock pot all day. I thought it was kinda winter-y. The kids were mighty unimpressed. I tried to tell them it was like brown spaghetti. (Why would I think that would make it appetizing?) They weren’t buying it.

Next up —– SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!! My friend Angela told me last week that Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice sells snowballs. 24 for $5.99. So worth it.

We had to ration out the snowballs obviously, or Dylan would have hurled all $5.99 worth at his brother in a matter of seconds. Which would have been fun for me to see, but not really fair.

No mercy for the cute little sister. She took one square in the back:

Ryan’s pretty quick, but not quick enough to escape Dad’s missiles:

Retribution was swift:

Possibly the best snowball fight ever. If I was a rich woman I would have bought about 5 more boxes.

“Lawn Sledding” came next. Dragging the kids around the yard on a beach towel? Turns out, crazy fun. Mom and Dad’s arms gave out after a while; but things didn’t go so well when they tried to drag each other, as this short video demonstrates. I happen to love this 5 seconds. It features one of my kids falling over, and Dylan giggling. Two of my favorite things.

Please, do yourself a favor and immediately go drag your kids around the yard on a towel. The faster you drag, the better! Your arms and back will be a little sore the next day, but the laughs are totally worth it.

We had a special guest for Family Night – I was babysitting the cutest little toddler you have ever seen. Oh my he’s cute. And sweet. And smart. And fun. I think I’m in love.

He mostly just observed us all night, obviously wondering what kind of crazy people his parents left him with. Lauryn finally coerced him onto a towel. (By coerced, I mean grabbed his hand and jerked him into her lap.)

Fun night. Dad was worn out after all the “sledding” (he had to go and show off, dragging around both boys at the same time); the kids never pass up on this opportunity:

We’re really enjoying have a (semi)weekly Family Night – it’s all about being deliberate about enjoying each other. And I especially enjoy pelting my kids in the head with frozen shaved ice.

Many thanks to Angela who sparked this idea last week when I asked for Family Night suggestions via twitter comments!!

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  1. 5.99 for snowballs! Wow! I am in the wrong business. You need to come visit the Luces say around Feb. You can have all the snow your happy hands can handle.

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