What “Family Night” Looks Like After a Long Day

Today, our family went with about 200 other people from our church to Joyland. It was the last big Kidsplace hurrah before school starts next week. Great fun! It was also kinda hot. And tiring.

We’re all pretty worn out from traipsing all over the amusement park, but since this was the last Tuesday before school starts, I still wanted to do a little something for Family Night.

So we had a Homemade Pizza Night. First up: pepperoni, cheese, and black olive pizza for dinner. Then it was fruit pizza for dessert.

I bought pre-made pizza crusts that come two to a package with sauce. Not as good as dough made from scratch (not that I would know for sure), but still pretty good.

Next we made Dessert Pizza – – – Warning: not for those without a serious sweet tooth. Luckily, my sweet tooth is in perfect working condition and I thoroughly enjoyed this creation.

Fruit Pizza
way too many calories to have the name “fruit” in it:

Frozen Sugar Cookie Dough (in the “tube”)
8 oz Cream Cheese
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
Sliced Strawberries
Canned Mandarin Oranges
Sliced Kiwi

1. Flatten sugar cookie into a round crust using a rolling pin. (Or use a glass like I had to. I also had to microwave the dough about 15 seconds to get it soft enough to flatten out.) Cook according to instructions on package and let cool.

2. Mix softened cream cheese with powdered sugar using a hand mixer. Beat until a frosting consistency.

3. Spread cream cheese frosting over cookie crust. Place cut up fruit on top.

4. Eat and enjoy the sugar rush. Don’t overdo it or your tummy will ache. Trust me.

He goes in full force because he’s learned at any moment I could take it away.
A bit of frosting on the face is of no consequence.

Dad and the boys cut up the strawberries.
Lauryn dumped the oranges out of the can.
Mom cut the kiwis.

Ryan was artistic director. He decided the placement of the fruit
while the other two helped bring his vision to life.
Just lovely, don’t you think?

Originally I meant to buy supplies to copy my friend Amy’s really cute idea for making a “pizza game”…I never got around to it, and today was filled with amusement park fun. But you should click here to see it because it looks fun.

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