Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We love Lubbock. But we really, really miss going to watch the Texas Rangers play any old time we want to.

Other than our friends, The Ballpark is probably the thing we miss most about Dallas. (Also on the list are Glorias and West Village, my favorite date night area.)

Last month on our way home from Oklahoma, we took a quick one night detour through Dallas so we could catch a game. We happened to attend on “free hat night”, which was possibly the highlight of the evening. I must have heard “Do we get to KEEP these!?! We get to TAKE THEM HOME!?!” at least a dozen times. Close behind as the favorite part of the night were the five home runs the Rangers hit, each followed by fireworks.

Sidenote: Dylan and I missed seeing THREE of those home runs waiting in line for ridiculously overpriced hotdogs. Wow. THREE HOMERUNS. MISSED. I was really mad. I learned I only think I’m a nice person, but in reality I can be kinda mean to innocent people who may or may not be to blame for my frustrations. I apologize Mr. Concession Stand Man. I’m sure you really are capable of moving quickly despite my accusations otherwise. My thanks to Michael Young who hit another home run for my baby boy to see. You solidified your place as my favorite player.

Ryan really hung in there, interested in the game. Dylan and Lauryn needed a little something to keep them occupied, so they took turns taking pictures with my camera.

Among their best shots:

Their shots of me didn’t turn out quite so cute. I just don’t understand it.

I also have hundreds of other lovely images like this one:


We made it to the end of game with little to no whining or complaining, and saw the Rangers win 7 to 1. Great night!

4 comments on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  1. You seriously look good in a hat Starr. Cute. Also, your kids and mine tie for the cutest kids EVER. Lauren’s smile is super cute. Dylan’s eyes are adorable and Ryan has the skin of a supermodel – he is so tan! How did we luck out and get such adorable looking children?

  2. Kelly…I’m sure the kids wonderful physical qualities (they are adorable…aren’t they?) are directly attributable to the DNA of their wonderful grandparents….duh!

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