Feeling Nostalgic. (It’s among my favorite emotions.)

This week I received a letter from my Great-Aunt; enclosed with the letter was a picture of my Mom and Uncle when they were little. She thought it was “a cute one”, and I totally agree.

I think this picture was taken at my Uncle’s graduation from Kindergarten. (Circa 1960?) I like to think about my Grandparents as parents of these two small children. Grandma and Grandpa were once where I am now, parenting little ones in the throes of white tights, hair bows, and endless school events. And they came out on the other side. There’s hope for me yet.

When I was stashing away this picture, I got drawn into going through all the pictures in the huge shoe box full of random shots I’ve collected (and snatched and stolen from Grandma) over the years.

I love this one of the same Uncle, taken his Sr. Year of High School:

This picture was taken in 1973. It’s now 2009, and approximately 87% of the high school boys I know at church are wearing this exact hair style. All things old are new again. (Not that you’re “old” dear Uncle….ahem.)

Remember the post I did a while back about growing up at the lake? And how my grandparents graciously tolerated the “prepubescent, loud and giggling friends” that were at their house all summer long? I give you the prepubescents:

Ahh…life before teenage angst. 1988. 11 years old. Back when flirting with a boy meant you acted like you despised him and did the best you could to completely ignore him. Well, that’s what I did anyway. In this picture, I’m standing as far away as possible from the boy I had a crush on all through elementary school. I would go on to keep the “despising/ignoring technique” as my primary flirting tool for a good 3 or 4 years after this picture was taken.

Remember this post, about my love of Bette Midler? Sadly, I have photographic proof that I really was that weird.

Also…I was 10 years old….so why does it appear my shoes are on the wrong feet?

And look at the sweet young faces:

I was 18 years old and a freshman in college. Pretty much completely ignorant of what the future held. We weren’t yet engaged….Jonathan was a business major and I had no inclination he would wind up in full-time ministry…..neither of us had a clue we would end up becoming Texans….

I love how much life has happened since that picture was taken. Most of it we never saw coming.

12 comments on “Feeling Nostalgic. (It’s among my favorite emotions.)

  1. I can totally see Lauryn in your mom in that first picture. And a bit of you in the second picture of your uncle. Fun.

    Also, I had no idea you had blond hair growing up. 🙂

  2. These are great, Starr!
    I agree with Kelly on seeing Lauryn in your mom. And I see Dylan in Jonathan in the last one.
    This was fun!
    Is that Danielle next to you in the pubescent one?

    1. Det der ser da bare ut til å være et drømmested. Jeg får sånn reiselyst. Jeg håper knærne og humøret hoder til jeg blir pensjonist. Da må jeg jo kunne reise på småturer til alle disse relativt nære reisemålene som jeg ikke har besøkt.Fortsatt god helg.

  3. Please, please, please tell me names of people (left to right) in that prepubescent photo.

    Also, seriously? You had NO inclination that Jonathan would be in ministry? I’m pretty sure I did! At 14, I could have imagined you easily as a pastor’s wife, girl. 🙂

  4. I totally see Lauryn in your Bette Midler photo. Never fully appreciated the likeness before. Love how your personality is on display in the group photo. And I see adorable little Danielle on the right.

    1. நன்à®±ாக உறங்கி பின் விà®´ித்து திறம்பட உம் கருத்துக்களை இணையத்தில் பதிவு செய்திà®°ுக்க்லாà®®்! அல்லது… அயராது விà®´ித்து,à®®ுà®´ித்து,à®®ுடித்து (TR ஸ்டைல் à®®ா….கண்டுக்காத!!) பின் உறங்கி இருக்கலாà®®்!!பிஞ்சா…திà®°ுந்துடா!!எப்படி உன்னால மட்டுà®®் à®®ுடியுது…என்னமோ போடா!

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