Brothers. They annoy each other sometimes.

Dylan did something to his brother, who knows what, that made Ryan feel retribution was in order.

What did Ryan do?

He wrote a scathing sign that he then posted in plain sight. A terrible indictment. A sign that read,

Dylan’s favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty.

Ooooo!! He did not just go there!!!! Once the sign was discovered and deciphered it was promptly torn into pieces.

If you’ve met Dylan, you know that to insinuate he would even slightly enjoy a princess movie is an insult of the highest order. Especially a princess movie that features….horror of horrors….kissing!!!!

The child dive bombs under the couch pillows, hiding his face if there is any hint of an impending kiss.

Oh how I love my five year old boy.

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  1. I took Abi, Beka, and Eon to Disney on Ice one fall. Even though it was “Princess Magic,” I thought 3y.o. Eon would still have fun. No, he just kept saying “This is for girls.”

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