A great series. Written by a great man. All around greatness ahead.

So we’ve established that I think the following links are great. I know you’ll agree!

The Childrens’ Pastor at our church, a phenomenal leader and thinker, recently posted an excellent series, “Five Essential Parenting Skills.”

Each of the posts in this series is a must read. Click on the links below and then let me know what you think!

#1. Imagine the End

#2. Fight for the Heart (This post may be favorite of the seriesExcerpt: “The unpredictable and rebellious actions of my kids provide the perfect opportunity for me to demonstrate a consistent message to them. The message that I will forgive them over and over and over again. The message that I can be trusted. That I love them.” That’s good stuff people.)

#3. Make it Personal

#4. Create a Rhythm (Okay…maybe this is my favorite post. Am I allowed two favorites? Read it moms! You’ll find practical advice for making the time you already spend with your kids each day more deliberate. I can’t overemphasize how important “practical” advice is in the life of a busy mom with young kids!)

#5. Widen the Circle

Oh yeah…and if you didn’t know it already, the writer of these great posts also happens to be my devoted husband.

But I would heartily recommend these posts even if I wasn’t married to the author. So click on over and leave him some comment love. We bloggers like that. Encourage him to keep this great content coming!

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