I really like my kids right now.

Can I just go on record and say that 7, 5, and 3 are great ages? These guys are so much fun right now.

No more endless crying that defies explanation. They still get upset, but they all have words! They can USE LANGUAGE to tell me what’s wrong! Granted, sometimes what’s wrong is that someone touched them or looked at them weird, but at least they can tell me.

No more diapers. Enough said.

Ryan and Dylan are learning to be truly grateful for things like family vacation. They really get it that it’s special when the five of us get to spend time together.

They all sing in the car. Loud. I love it.

Lauryn loves to “just talk”. She will often ask me or her Dad, “Come lay down with me, and let’s just talk!” Recent conversation: “Let’s talk Mommy.” “Okay, what do you wanna talk about?” “God.” “Okay, what do you know about God?” “I know he made pine cones and he lives in my heart.” The child manages to work pine cones into any conversation lately.

For about 40% of the day, they truly enjoy each other. The other 60% of the day they either tolerate each other, irritate each other, or are generally indifferent to each other. But that 40% sure is sweet.

3 comments on “I really like my kids right now.

  1. Wow! Ryan looks especially grown up in that picture. It’s nice to know that we’ll eventually get to the point where everyone functions like human beings. Ha!

  2. TOTALLY understand. There are days I wake up and go… This is GREAT, but then there are also days I say, “NOOOOOOoooo it’s too soon, it went so fast!” The older they get the more I seem to embrace the idea of total independance!

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