Frogs. Good friends. And green chile.

Poor little toad. Who knew their skin was so stretchy?

My friend Cheri took the above picture. She watched the kids for three days while Jonathan and I went to Santa Fe to try and redeem the 10-yr anniversary trip that was not to be.

(Can I just take this time to give Cheri a round of applause? She volunteered to take the kids for three days so Jonathan and I could take a leisurely trip to NM. Our three days and her three days probably could not have looked more different. Praise the Lord for great friends.)

We had an amazing time in Santa Fe. I am totally smitten with that city. Completely charming and wonderful.

Eleven years with this guy!

If you ask for your burger “smothered” with green chiles, they take you seriously.

Obligatory photo taken with the camera propped up on a trash can, using the self-timer.
St. Francis Cathedral, located on The Plaza.

Me, immediately after eating way too much wonderful food at Cafe Pasqual’s. Propping myself up for a rest, while acting as though I’m merely posing for a picture.

See ya next time Santa Fe!

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  1. Starr – you look so cute and hip in your little black dress and flops! Glad you all had a great time – much better than last time, I know. And I totally can’t imagine what those green chiles would do to a person’s system. Good luck Jonathan!

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