Family Night: India

Tonight we had some friends over for a “Co-Family Night.”
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Jayton and Anne Z. work with us in Kidsplace – they teach from the stage, as well as lead a third grade small group. (Might I also mention here that all on their own they have planned a get together at the park this weekend with their 3rd graders and their parents! LOVE THAT!) Anne is also one of my Thursday night coffee buddies.

Coincidentally, within the last couple of months both of our families have started sponsoring a child through Compassion International. Also coincidentally, both children live in India.

Thus, “India Family Night” was born.

Our family sponsors Manuu, the child on the left. The Z. family sponsors Rahit, the child on the right.

We decorated our mantle with an Indian flag and some prints of popular rangoli patterns.

For dinner we had Indian cuisine: Chicken Tikka Masala, Naan, and Basmati Rice. DELICIOUS. Let me say that again – DE-LI-CIOUS! Anne bought and prepared the entire meal!! I didn’t do one stinkin’ thing. I’m not sure how it worked out that way (sorry Anne!), but I’m so glad it did. She did an amazing job. I’m trying to contrive a way to get her to cook more international cuisine for 9 people, and let me enjoy it without lifting a finger. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

For dessert – mango slices served over mango ice cream. (This was my one contribution to the meal. The effort involved included opening the freezer door and spooning out the ice cream. I even made Anne help me slice the mangoes. Shameful…and yet I have no shame.)

We played a few traditional Indian games. The first was called Uffangali and involved trying to scatter a pile of beans by blowing on the pile. It got big laughs from the kids and adults alike.

Next we played a simple game called “Chidiya Ud“, which provided bigger laughs than I ever could have guessed.

When you sponsor a child, Compassion International sends you a short biography; Rahit’s information included the fact that one of his chores includes carrying buckets of water for his family. So we talked about that with our kids, and then let them have a little fun racing to fill up a kiddie pool with buckets of water.

We ended the night letting each child pray aloud for Rahit and Manuu, and we made picture frames to display their pictures.

Thanks Z. family for a great night!

Interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion International? Click Here!

Sponsoring a child was my Mother’s Day Gift this year. Father’s Day will be here soon! Sponsorship of a child might just be an awesome gift!


3 comments on “Family Night: India

  1. as always… amazing!! Great family night… what an awesome way to spend time with the kids!!! 🙂
    and you know the sponsoring a kiddo pulled on my heartstrings.. wow!
    Great job Starr!! 🙂
    and I’m so impressed with the meal… you lucky dog!! 😉

  2. How wonderful! I love how you put so much energy into planning your family nights. They are so much more productive than sitting in front of a movie with a bucket of popcorn!

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