Jonathan just showed me the coolest website: Picnik.

I hopped on the site, and in no time at all edited a couple of pictures from the church musical that Ryan was in last night.

Okay…so obviously the green border isn’t all that aesthetically pleasing…and the box I inserted behind the text looks weird….but I never said I had an eye for design!

Here’s one that’s a little bit better:

I’m sure I will eventually see an image style I’ll try to copy (all my so-called “creativity” is really just plagiarism), but until then I was just trying to figure out some of the different stuff Picnik can do.

It can do TONS of fun stuff!

Dylan sang a couple of songs last night too, with the adorable “Wee Praise” preschool choir, right before the Elementary Students performed their musical.

I could easily add text, fade out the image, round the corners, add a border…all kinds of fun stuff.

And now I have the solution to privacy concerns on my blog: Pixel-ated faces!

Except this particular kid happens to be too gorgeous to pixel-ate. (And his mom has her own blog, so I feel quite certain she’s okay with me putting his picture on these here internets.)

Nope, I didn’t edit or enhance the sparkling blue color of that kid’s eyes. They’re even more stunning in real life. Future heart breaker, that one is!

Picnik also has a “teeth whitening” feature. But it just made me look like Ross in that episode of Friends when he went overboard with the bleaching…

Go check out Picnik, and leave me a link in the comments if you create any fun pictures!

(Just realized I kinda sound like a paid promoter of their website….nope. Just easily excited.)

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