Good idea turned bad idea turned good again.

Good idea: Get some exercise! WALK to the school to pick up Ryan, pulling Dylan and Lauryn in the wagon!

Bad idea: Don’t check the temperature. Realize it’s 95 degrees outside. Get tired and hot (really hot) halfway to the school. Forget to put sunscreen on the kids. Forget that Ryan had a field trip, and will already be pretty tired and kinda cranky from walking all over the museum all day.

Good idea: Soothe and appease the tired, hot, cranky kids. Make up for the walk gone wrong by getting out the water hose and the kiddie pool.

All’s well that ends well, right?

I know it looks like water torture. I assure you he ran into the blast
purposefully and of his own free will.

Yes, he is indeed doing a canon ball into 8 inches of water.
We should probably explore getting a slightly bigger pool.

Lauryn was just excited she finally got to wear her swimsuit.
Warm weather brings with it all kinds of fun wardrobe possibilities.

Here’s a 30 second clip of the kids running through the sprinkler, their troubles remembered no more. You could never guess that mere minutes before they were crying and complaining about their mean mama who made them walk a whole half mile home from the school. The horror.

I’m laughing as much as they are. The one holding the water hose, and therefore yielding the power, always has the most fun.

2 comments on “Good idea turned bad idea turned good again.

  1. Starr- I about fell out of my chair laughing at that cannonball picture. Hilarious! I can’t believe you caught that with your camera. I am still laughing!

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