Family Night (Health Conscious Readers, Avert Your Eyes!)

WARNING: Consumption of greasy fast food ahead.

I put Dylan in charge of Family Night planning.

Five-year-olds are awesome.

“So Dylan, whatcha wanna do for Family Night?”

“I wanna do a CAR NIGHT!”

“Okay, cool! What will we do for car night?”

“We’ll all get in the car, and we’ll…..uhhh….drive around. Umm….we’ll drive to all of our favorite restaurants! Yeah! Everyone gets to go wherever they want for dinner!”

“I love it. Let’s do it.”

“Then! Next! After we get our food! We’ll drive over to all our friends houses! I want to eat my dinner at Caleb’s house…Lauryn will eat her dinner at Evyn’s house…and Ryan can eat his dinner with Bryce!”

He gets points for creativity, but I convinced him the execution of the last part of his plan might be a little awkward. So he settled for bringing our food home, and playing in the sprinkler after dinner.

We loaded in the car and headed out.

We soon realized that the driver’s side window Wouldn’t. Roll. Down. Seriously? It breaks on the night we’re headed out to go through four different drive-thrus? It worked just fine earlier today! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh at the timing of these things. (So for the remainder of this post, please envision Jonathan opening the van door to order, pay, and take our food.)

First up, Miss Lauryn’s choice. She was in the mood for beans and burritos. Next up, Mom and Dad. We went with a slighty healthier selection. Dylan came next, no surprises there. And finally, Ryan, who ordered a “garden burger.” Huh? We finally figured out he wanted a burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on it.

Then home to eat our respective dinners.

Ryan and Lauryn: “This is awesome Dylan! Great idea! Thanks!”

Dylan: Nods his head smugly, in agreement that he is indeed awesome.

After dinner the kids played in the sprinkler and kiddie pool. Most of their energy was spent trying to coax Raider into the water. They did finally lure him in, but he jumped right back out pretty quickly; just a soggy, white ball of fur streaking past the camera. He’s no fool. That water was frigid.

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