The problem with Easter Candy

The kids’ grandparents, uncle, and aunt all channeled their inner Willy Wonka this Easter.

If you include the huge lollipops in the pictures above, they gave the kids candy totaling approximately 19,763 calories. Approximately.

It’s great fun for the kids. I put the candy on a high shelf out of their reach (Dylan could probably wipe out half the supply in one sitting if I left him to self-regulate his consumption), and let them pick out one or two pieces a day.

The problem….

…is that I can’t put it on a shelf out of my reach.

And, like my five year old, I could wipe out half the supply in one sitting when left to self-regulate my own consumption.

Lucky for me (or for my hips at least), the kids know of my sweet tooth and keep their eye on me when I approach their candy bounty. Excessive candy thievery is not tolerated.

2 comments on “The problem with Easter Candy

  1. you and me both! I’ve gotten to where the Halloween goodies last a week or two and have to be tossed. Or I’ll eat them all. The Easter baskets are, so far, out of site which helps a little…

  2. I’m with you on the candy. The hard part is that my kids usually forget about it after a few days, but I haven’t forgotten. It takes a lot of self control, but if I let it sit for a month or so, it is not so appealing for some reason.

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