That’s some good thinkin’ kid.

On Saturday we walked around Sam’s Club for a while.

We made zero purchases, just walked around eating samples and wandering the aisles to see if there was anything we needed to buy.

Also doing some daydreaming/future purchase planning.

I want a new, bigger skillet. Jonathan wants a new knife set and some boring lawn care stuff. The kids want an outdoor playset for the low, low price of $1,299.99 bucks. Dream big guys.

When we were eating our gourmet lunch at Taco Bell afterward (I know – Blech. The kids like it.), I asked Ryan,

“Ryan, if you could have anything from Sam’s, what would you want?”

“How much was that playset?”

“It was pretty expensive…over a thousand dollars.”

[thoughtful pause] “Then I would want to have the wallet of every person that was inside Sam’s.”

Not sure why he didn’t just answer “The playset.”

Maybe he thought if he had all those wallets, he could get the playset and still have a few bucks left over for that huge box of Fruit Snacks.

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    1. Dude, are you kidding me1v2u&#8o?7;Ye never seen Happy Boy margarine before?!I used to eat that as a kid all the time…and for some reason, I never thought it was the least bit odd…maybe that says something about my state of mind….

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