Guess he’s part of the family.

Some of you have been asking for an update on dog ownership.

We’ve had Raider a couple of months now. I must admit…it hasn’t been awful.

We got lucky with the dog. He has a good temperament. It seems he would be fairly easy to train, if we ever get around to actually trying to train him.

I realize it could have gone either way (read about my friend Jessica’s travails with their ADHD/Learning-impaired dog), so I’m doubly grateful for a dog that hasn’t been much trouble!


No shedding.

No peeing or pooping on the floor.

No biting.

Minimal chewing up things. (The ONE thing he destroyed was the cover of a book that wasn’t even mine. Gotta replace it.)

So all in all, it’s going well.

He does bark like a crazed beast when people approach the front door, which isn’t all bad. I would at least like him to stop barking when I tell him to, but we’ll get there.

The one other issue he has is digging. Oh…the digging. He’s trying to dig his way through the fence to get to his buddy “Doc”, the dachshund next door. They’ve had a few playdates that mostly consisted of sniffing each other’s hind quarters.

He could care less about the yapping Pomeranians at the other house next door. Very discriminating taste, I must say.

He’s bright white, so his snout and paws give away his misdeeds when he’s been digging. Many days he looks like a white dog with a brownish face and legs.

All in all, he’s a good little guy. Occasionally I even let him up on the couch. Sometimes I even pet him. (But don’t look for me to touch a cat anytime soon.)

Jonathan gives him baths….the boys pick up the poop….and Lauryn feeds him. So he gets little to no care from me, which is a perfectly wonderful arrangement.

Raider now has full participation in our Family Nights. Poor little guy is really very tolerant of the “love” my children shower down upon him.

Here he is participating in Super Hero night, wearing one of the boys old Batman nighties.

I know that’s terribly embarrassing Raider. Sorry. I promise I won’t tell Doc.

7 comments on “Guess he’s part of the family.

  1. Raider in that shirt is hilarious!

    Toodles is doing better. I’m starting to think she isn’t learning-impaired, just defiant. I’ve seen her pee on the couch just to get back at me for not playing with her.

  2. He’s smiling! Raider loves being a part of the Cliff family…or maybe he loves dressing up in pj’s. Can’t say I blame him there.

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