Family Night: Springtime

My camera battery was dead last night, so I had to resort to using the lousy camera on my phone again. Apologies.

Our family night started in the same way it generally does: At Dollar Tree.

I let the kids each pick out a flower pot and we bought some potting soil as well. Then we headed across the parking lot to Wal-Mart to buy some flowers.

Sidenote: When we left Dollar Tree, Ryan ran smack dab into the exit doors, thinking they would open automatically. Then he laughed at himself and we all joined in and laughed too, and good times were had at the Dollar Tree exit. Those rare times when Ryan does something like that is when I see my DNA gloriously exhibited. Could you imagine Jonathan running into an exit door? No? What about me? No need to answer that.

“Hey – I’m touching dirt. I’m not thrilled about it.
It’s dirt and it’s dirty! But I’m doing it.”

The kids also made a “handprint garden.” Which reminds me…does anyone have a good system for displaying kids artwork? The fridge can only hold so much.

The “Springtime” theme was inspired by a gift my mom sent the kids last week.

Never, not once, nay not ever, have I made a cake in the shape of anything other than a circle or rectangle. Was my mom issuing me a challenge?

I didn’t make the cake early enough in the day to let it cool completely. So when we frosted it cake crumbs were all throughout our frosting. Someone, I’ll let you guess who, (it was Jonathan) said it looked like our bunny had been run-over. Roadkill cake? Nice.

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  1. I have an old house with shutters EVERYWHERE and in our school room I use clothespin to display art by clipping to the shutters. If I did not have that I think I would use a simple piece of yarn on a designated wall (whatever length you are willing to give up on a wall) attached with nails on each end and good old trusty clothespins. You could do some cutesy clothespin crafts to make it special or prettier.

  2. hmmm We put them in Scrapbooks but when there is to much art work, you can hang it in the Garage..,, If there is room on the walls, Another thing is you can save and keep the special ones and you can also wrap families presents in it for Christmas or birthdays.. Just a thought.

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