“Apples” to Oranges

Last week I sent Jonathan the following email:

“I want this magazine” with a link to the following:

Total Cost: $9. 95

Jonathan’s response was to send me a link to this:

Total Cost: $1,099.99

Um…yeah….that’s kinda along the same lines. A mere difference of $1,089.05.

Now it’s an all out campaign. He has his friends sending me random twitter messages expounding on how owning a MacBook will improve his life, increase his influence, and help him fulfill God’s calling.

Poor, poor pitiful man…trudging through life without a Mac.

I’m starting to wonder if the horrid sound our laptop is making is due to subterfuge….

6 comments on ““Apples” to Oranges

  1. Oh! So could have been posted by Dan too (likely requested subscription to Time followed by my request for an MDX)
    This is funny.
    Have to say. That’s a good magazine. Found a subscription for under $10 on google a few months ago.

  2. Hey. I found your blog through clutch and have enjoyed browsing through. My man had been drooling over a mac for over two years and when we were finally moving out of our house last fall and realized we’d be needing a computer ‘anyways’ he got it… I like it and Family Fun…

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