You may think it’s funny but it’s snot.

Lauryn has suddenly forgotten how to blow her nose. She JUST.WON’T.DO.IT.

I go through all the same routines we’ve always done, which basically consists of holding a tissue to her nose and instructing her to blow. Nope. She sniffs instead.

No nose-blowing is happening.

So all day and all night she is either drippy or sniffy. Ugh.

She won’t blow her nose, and she won’t cough up/spit out the junky drainage that rattles around in her throat at night. Which leads to unending hacking and coughing.

My world is in a state of upheaval and sleep deprivation because my three year old doesn’t know how to properly deal with her snot.

I’m open to suggestions.

4 comments on “You may think it’s funny but it’s snot.

  1. My 2-year-old sniffs instead of blowing. Drives me crazy! So we still use the little bulb-squeezy thing we used when they were babies. It does get the snot out, but it’s not pleasant for anyone involved.

  2. I can sympathize. Wyatt has NEVER learned to blow his nose. I try to instruct or come up with analogies to get him to blow OUT and so far we’ve had no success. Good luck!!!

  3. I’m thinking the wipe routine is all you are going to get right now until she decides to do differently.

    How about a humidifier at night? Have you tried that and ear plugs? Wait: that sounds lame: who would want to put ear plugs in their ears during the nighttime to sleep and then not hear the kids if they needed something.

    Scratch that: just the wipe routine and the humidifier: that’s all I’ve got.

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