Wind Blown

Tee-Ball is rough on me and Lauryn.

Yeah, yeah….Jonathan is coaching and both boys are playing. I understand. They’re the ones standing in the wind for upwards of an hour and a half. Hitting balls. Catching balls. Running the bases. I guess they’re doing a little bit of work.

But I’m convinced me and Lauryn exert more energy than they do, trying to keep our hair out of our faces.

It’s been especially windy in Lubbock lately (even more so than ususal!) and stray hair whipping into your face for an hour and half is a mental beat down.

We’ve finally learned to wear baseball caps.

(I’m such a baby. I could never be expected to actually play a sport in these windy conditions. If it were up to me, games and practices would be canceled due to wind!)

3 comments on “Wind Blown

  1. Kaylea & I stay home during tball practices and do girlie things like paint our nails, pop popcorn, & watch movies. No baseball caps required.

  2. Two summers ago the kids did a six week soccer camp. We played soccer four days a week all summer. I was wicked tired by the end. It was seriously more work for me than for them! I not only had to find a way not to be totally baked in the sun, but had to occupy the little kids while they played!

    If it were up to me the game would have been cancelled due to sun!

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