That is one seriously funny hamster.

Family Night this week revolved around watching the DVD of Bolt!

The hamster character in that movie is stinkin’ hysterical. Love it when a kids movie has plenty-0-one-liners for the Moms and Dads. (All while avoiding crass innuendo – all too rare!)

For refreshment during our movie, we stuck with the dog theme and made puppy chow. Human variety.

Lousy camera on my phone. Ugh.

I had planned to let the kids make some treats for Raider, our real life dog. This “recipe” looked simple enough. But I decided I didn’t feel up to it. I’m just not ready to be the person who makes treats for the dog. He’s cute and everything, but making homemade treats just crosses a line I’m not quite ready to cross.

Plus, we just spend a small fortune getting the dog fixed and vaccinated. That’s one expensive racket those vets are running. After that crazy expense, I wasn’t willing to shell out any more cash to make gourmet dog treats. He’ll survive just fine with his Milkbones. (I think they might be generic Milkbones. But he doesn’t know that.)

Sometimes my kids dress weird like that for no reason at all.
But when this picture was taken they happened to really be
getting into St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. Yup. We love the hamster too. The phrase, “That is AWESOME!” will never be uttered again in any other way than his. 🙂 Oh, and Keith likes, “It’s a good day to die!” I didn’t know it was out on DVD already! We’ve gotta get it!!

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