President(s) Cliff

Ryan requested a “Presidential Night” for family night this week. (His bookish, academic tendencies make my heart swell with pride.)

He decided the agenda for the evening:

First up: all our faces needed to be put on Mt. Rushmore. We had to squeeze Lauryn onto the end there, but I think she fits rather nicely.

We gave Daddy a little history test by printing off this picture of past Presidents and seeing how many he could name. Since I could only name about 10 (SHAMEFUL!), I was way impressed with Jonathan’s substantially higher percentage.

Ryan quizzed Jonathan and I by reading some “presidential fun facts” I printed from this site and seeing if we could guess which President he was talking about. Dylan had fun calling out random guesses too; he rotated between, “The first guy!”, and “Obama!”, and “Abraham Lincoln!”

Jonathan brought home a current US Presidents puzzle. (Children’s Ministers are an endless source of surprising family night resources.)

Lastly, we looked at all the US coins with the President’s faces.

It was a pretty fun night. But it was totally overshadowed by another much more exciting endeavor.

Meet Raider.

Yep. We got a dog.

We were told he’s a 7 month old “carkie”; half yorkie/half cairn terrier.

I think “carkie” is basically just a cute name for “mutt”…but he’s a mutt with little to no shedding, which means he met my most important requirement.

I’m sure Raider will get a post all of his own in a few days. I need time to determine exactly what I have to say about him…..I will admit he’s been pretty fun so far.

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  1. Aren’t all President’s required to get a dog in the White House? It’s like a rule or something. You could have definitely made the new dog a part of your President theme night that way, huh? Cute. I’m sure Joey is jealous. He is itching for a dog again.

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