It was a total zoo.

Yeah, it was a literal zoo. With animals and amphibians and all the accompanying sounds and smells.

But also as in, “Holy Cow it’s a total ZOO IN HERE!”

Ninety-nine percent of the families in the greater DFW area went to the Ft. Worth zoo the Friday of Spring Break. (Possibly a slight exaggeration. But only by a few percentage points.)

The kids had a good time walking around the zoo. When they could wrangle and push and squeeze their way through the masses and get up close enough to the exhibits to actually see the animals it was even better.

Walking the 17.4 miles to the zoo entrance.
I gotta stop all this exaggerating. But seriously, it was a long stinkin’ walk.

After that long walk, I tried to get him to carry me.
He said no. Lauryn was all he could manage.

There’s more green in this one picture than in the entirety of West Texas.
(Apparently I’m a one trick pony. Exaggeration is all I got. And all you people keep coming back for more.)

That gorgeous child on the left is in the process of growing his hair out.
He wants it, I quote, “over his ears”, end quote.
In the mean time it’s getting a bit shabby looking.
Stay tuned for conclusion to the hair drama.

Wow. Maybe those sunglasses are ridiculously big.
Or my head is ridiculously small.

“Hello. I’m Lauryn. As you can see plainly from
the look on my face,
I’m capable of much orneriness.

After we left the zoo, we headed back to our hotel.

We walked outside to check out the pool, and Jonathan asked “Did you pack more than one pair of shoes for Ryan?

“Yeah. Why?”

He didn’t answer me. But I found out pretty quick why he asked.

He dropped Ryan in over the side, shoes and all. (Dylan quickly sat down and removed his shoes before joining him.)

Ryan was shocked. He also thought it was completely awesome and it was possibly the highlight of his trip.

Boys! – Lauryn and I just sit back and shake our heads at them.

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  1. I was so upset when I realized we didn’t take one picture together while you were here. Am I stupid or what? tear 🙁

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