Family Night courtesy of Orville Redenbacher

For this week’s Family Night theme I went with “Popcorn.”

I think it all started when I was craving some popcorn Monday night when Jonathan and I were watching our weekly free Redbox movie. (My husband works his magic on that – I’m not sure where he gets the free rental codes. I’m sure Google knows the answer.)

We started out by making some peanut butter/popcorn bird feed. Messy and fun.

You might find a few stray bird seeds in your sandwich if I make you a PB&J anytime soon. The kids cross-contaminated the peanut butter jar when I wasn’t watching.

Next we took advantage of the beautiful 80 degree weather, and went to share some of our popcorn with the ducks.

Before heading to the park we made “Duck Food” bags. Here you see the evidence of why my 6 year old lives a life of artistic frustration: His 5 year old little brother copies everything he does. Dylan won’t even order a slushy at Sonic until Ryan does, so he can order the same thing.

I told Ryan that Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery. He then explained to me that Imitation is also the Highest Form of Irritation.

Back at home, while I made dinner I let the kids decorate some “Popcorn Bowls”; I of course bought the bowls and stickers at Dollar Tree, my favorite Family Night Supplier.


After dinner it was time to make Popcorn Balls.

We made the popcorn on the stove (I had to consult the internet, being as I had never really made anything but the microwave variety), and the boys got a big kick out of it.

We put one kernel in to test if the oil was hot enough. Anticipation was high waiting for that one kernel to pop. It did not disappoint, shooting up out of the skillet and across the kitchen. Good times.

Our end result was pretty tasty, even though I’m generally not a big popcorn ball fan.

I used this recipe, and used the handy servings calculator to make 10 servings instead of 20.

mixing ingredients

popcorn balls

Ryan’s assessment of the evening: “Pretty good. Better than puzzle night. [I concur.] Not as fun as camping night.”

I asked Ryan if he would like to be in charge of Family Night planning for next week. He wants to do a “Presidential Night”. Geesh…making Mom’s ideas look so juvenile.

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  1. Delurking:
    Got to tell you, I have a 7 and 5 year old girl as well as a 12 year old girl and 10 year old boy. They whisper their choices in my ear to try and keep their siblings from copying, especially the girls. I tried to explain the whole “it’s because they like you” thing. They concur: HIGHEST FORM OF IRRITATION! And if I’m keeping it real, quite irritating for me–“HE/SHE is copying me” constantly. Popcorn night, I thought was creative!!

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