CLIFF-O-RAMA! (patent pending)

That’s the catchy name for the family board game we created for family night.

CLIFF-O-RAMA! (My strength lies in the effort people…I realize the actual creative output can be a little lame.)

First: I created game pieces out of photos, and made a game board out of a file folder.

Second: I wrote “Question Cards” with questions all about members of our family.

Third: I created red “Action Cards” to use when someone lands on a red square.

Game play: Answer a white “Question Card” correctly, then you get to roll the dice and move your game piece. If you land on a red square, you get to draw a red “action card” and complete the activity on the card. First person to the finish line wins.

We had a great time! Questions were things only a Cliff or loved one of a Cliff (or possibly a faithful blog reader) would know. A few examples:

Why did Ryan need stitches?
Name all four of your Uncles and your two Aunts.
When Dylan was a baby, what did he call Ryan?
Where was Daddy born?
Who is Lauryn’s best friend at preschool?
What is the name of our church?

The kids got a kick out of it when the questions were about them.

I attached their pictures to MegaBlock pieces to make the game pieces:

A happy accident was that by using these, the kids could stack their piece on top of someone else’s if they landed on the same spot. They thought that was a riot.

After we played CLIFF-O-RAMA! (okay, yeah…that is dorky) there was still plenty of time left over for some checkers and Connect Four.

It was a fun night!

I tried to get a picture of Lauryn playing Connect Four. When she saw the camera she jumped up and posed by the flowers instead. Apparently she’s taking over the creative control of my picture-taking.

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