Turkey Sandwich. And Dallas.

In the neighborhood where I visit patients for work, there aren’t too many restaurant choices. So last week I decided I would check out the Amigos grocery store with their fresh made tortillas and full service ‘carneceria’.

I ended up just buying a turkey sandwich – it had a ton of meat and lots of veggies, a bargain at $2.49. (And it came with a side of jalapeno.) I also bought some fresh guacamole that I will be having for lunch again in the near future. Good stuff.

Anyway – the whole point of this post is that being in that grocery store made me a bit homesick for Dallas! Specifically, I miss my bilingual Spanish-speaking friends! I had a sudden craving for the fajitas they used to make with marinated meat from the Hispanic grocery store. So yummy.

I love it in Lubbock, but still occasionally get a little heartsick for Dallas!

4 comments on “Turkey Sandwich. And Dallas.

  1. I dropped in from Vanessa’s blog! Just wanted to say hi! I love the name of your blog…so cute and I remember…
    I love the picture…it’s 7:25 and I’m craving lunch 🙂

    1. Eee? To u Riddle’a byÅ‚o? Cholera, tak zapikselowaÅ‚eÅ›, że nigdy bym nie wpadÅ‚ (ale że on wpadÅ‚, czyj to blog…), proszÄ™, proszÄ™… ;P Oczkami wyobrażni już widzÄ™ naszego kolegÄ™, który po dodaniu nowego wpisu siedzi przed kompem i…F5! Jeszcze nicF5! O komentarz! Do usuniÄ™cia! Hahaa HA hahAhAhA!!!;D

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