Puzzle Night

It’s puzzling why I thought a puzzle night would be a good idea.

Problem 1: Neither Jonathan nor I are all that crazy about puzzles.

Problem 2: My kids are each at vastly different skill levels/patience levels when it comes to puzzle assembly.

At any rate, a puzzle night it was! It had it’s fun moments (mainly when the blasted puzzles were finally finished), but I would say this was kind of a dud of a family night. Better luck next time.

Here are the details anyway, in case your family is more affectionate toward puzzlin’ than I am!

I started out by taking the kids to Dollar Tree (we love that place!) and letting them each buy a new puzzle.

Lauryn fell in love with a Disney Princess puzzle (shocker, I know) that was way above her skill level. 63 pieces, for ages 5 and up. But she was totally enamored with it, so I let her buy it anyway. I would come to regret that later as I was trying to help her assemble it (she disassembled it as fast as I could hand her pieces; it was more important to hold and admire the face of each princess, than to attach the puzzle piece to the rest of the body).

When we got home from our Dollar Tree trip, the kids used markers to make their own puzzle by coloring and cutting out a puzzle template I printed out for them.

For dinner I made quesadillas, then cut puzzle pieces out of them so the kids could put them back into a circle shape. (Sorry for the poor picture quality; the camera was left at the church this week, so I was left with just my cell phone.)

After dinner we assembled the new puzzles (imagine some crying, whining, and complaining here from me and Jonathan), then I let the kids use save-a-puzzle to glue them together. The puzzle glue was fun for them to use. Messy always equals fun, right? They also thought it was pretty fun to be able to pick up the puzzles they made and carry them around once the glue dried. Yes, they are easy to please.

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