Mo. With an M.

When he was little, Ryan somehow christened his paternal grandmother as “Mo”. A weird name, but somehow it stuck. (Side note: I apologize to all of my current and future nieces and nephews that the oldest grandchild came up with this name. You are under no obligation to call your grandmother Mo. The end.)

Mo is kind of an odd name for a grandma, yes, but it kind of grew on us after a while. She was just Mo and we never gave it a second though.

Until Lauryn started talking. And had a speech delay. And for some reason, had an “h” for “m” sound substitution when she said Mo.

Oh my.

That video was taken a few months ago.

This week, with the help of the positive reinforcement (bribe) of M&M’s, Lauryn can finally say Mo. With an M. Mo no longer has to worry about her reputation being sullied by her three old granddaughter.

I’m really glad Lauryn can correctly say Mo. I’m also really glad I have that video, because it’s pretty darn funny.

11 comments on “Mo. With an M.

  1. My 2 year old son watched this video and now he is running around the house saying “Mo” like your daughter and cracking up! I think he just learned his new favorite word…

  2. Oh my gosh Star, that cracked me and Rob up till we had tears. Thanks for making my day! I can so relate since David loves to say clock using an “F”. It makes me cringe when we are out in public. Boy Lauren and the boys are growing up so fast. Loved being able to see them. Thanks again for the side spliter.

    1. Great question Ch!!li!il. . I would definitely say he is one of the best. Lou Holtz could also go up there along with some others (Bobby Bowden, etc) but I would have to give it to JoePa.. . Nick Saban could be there shortly at the rate he is going, ha ha ha

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