I am a Cliff.

So it just wouldn’t be right if I let this historic night pass without comment.

Tonight is the last Dallas Cowboys game to be played in Texas Stadium.

I doubt I had ever watched an NFL game until I met Jonathan. But soon thereafter, every Sunday during football season was spent watching Dallas Cowboy football. Every Thanksgiving too. I think they’ve managed to win two Super Bowls since we’ve been together as well.

At first, the games were simply a good sedative to put me to sleep on the couch every Sunday afternoon.

Then, about the time the magical, yellow, first down line made it’s appearance (how do they do that?!?), I decided to try and at least figure out the general object of the game. Call me simple-minded, but that little yellow first down line makes all the difference in trying to understand football.

Jonathan took me to one game while when we lived in Dallas. In our carefree pre-children days! It happened to be the game when Terrell Owens “disgraced the star”. I didn’t fully get what all the hoopla was about, but it was entertaining watching the Cowboy fans come unglued. Beer was spilling and veins were popping. Good times.

I’m a little sad that our kids will never see a Cowboy game at Texas Stadium. The new stadium looks like it will be a destination unto itself. Maybe instead of taking the kids to Disneyland like we’ve wanted to do, we can see a cowboy game instead. Except I think the football tickets cost more than the amusement park.

And now…may I present my now 19 year old brother-in-law attending a game when he was 11 or 12. Wasn’t he a cutie?

(Sorry Stephen. I couldn’t find a picture of me and Jonathan at the game. It was the pre-digital age. This picture was by far the next best thing.)

4 comments on “I am a Cliff.

  1. Big event for our family too….Amy and Calder are at the game. Jeff called tonight to remind my dad to watch but it is not on TV here in Florida.

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  3. My husband is a huge Dallas fan as well. We spent our first Thanksgiving together at the game. We ate Thanksgiving dinner (packed by my grandmother) on plastic plates in the car. We only did this one time because it was not as fun as we thought it would be:)

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