“Hoodlums spotted in the neighborhood.”

It’s just me and the kids in our cheap Wal-Mart stocking caps, out walking around looking at Christmas lights.

I got the bright idea to bundle all the kids up and take them on a walk around the block. This marked our first walk around the block in the dark. The excitement level was pretty high. Giggles all around.

It took a good twenty minutes to round up enough hats and gloves for us all. Lauryn wore a “special” pair with flowers on them! Wow! (Yes. They are my weed-pulling gloves. Don’t tell her that. She thinks they are lovely with beautiful green and yellow flowers.)

Dylan is generally not too much of a complainer, but on our walk he whined a few times about his hat being too big. I think I vaguely remember him saying it kept falling down over his eyes. Now that I’ve viewed these pictures I can see why he would have mentioned it. No wonder he kept stumbling…his mother should really be more attentive.

Oh Dylan, how I love you. Your brother or sister would have pitched a fit until I fixed their hat. But once ignored, you just kept trucking along, occasionally pushing the hat back out of the way only to have it slip back down again. What a character.

2 comments on ““Hoodlums spotted in the neighborhood.”

  1. It’s funny how different they are from each other, isn’t it?? Keith and I were just talking last night about how one of our children is disproportionately less affectionate than the other two, as in this one HATES to be kissed/hugged/googly-eyed at unless said child is sick/injured. Unlike the other two, who thrive on such physical affection… 🙁 Any guesses as to which one is the little-lovin’ outcast???

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