Family Night: All Aboard!

We had a train themed family night, inspired by the movie The Polar Express.

First up, we made Chocolate Trains. I went to purchase a train shaped cookie cutter, and when I couldn’t find one ended up purchasing candy molds. Being that I had never used candy molds before, I wasn’t expecting perfectly formed chocolate trains; I imagined the chocolate not setting up properly…the candy falling apart…and various other forms of chocolate train mayhem. These expectations were based on the fact that I generally don’t get first time success on anything I do in the kitchen. But, I’m happy to report, the candy molds turned out to be fun and incredibly easy to use! Foolproof! Who knew? This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for birthday party treats…

At dinner the kids wore train conductor hats:

Then we painted some Christmas Train ornaments. My little artists were surprisingly conscientious about not getting paint on their clothing or on the table. It’s a Christmas Miracle.

Then we watched The Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate. My kids will do just about anything for hot chocolate. They’re nutso for the stuff, especially Ryan. It’s like he can’t fathom that I’m letting him drink liquid candy, and he must ingest it as quickly as possible because any minute I might come to my senses.

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  1. Originally, I think the hats came from Hobby Lobby? Maybe? But they came to my house via the children’s ministry resource room at church. They had been used for a demonstration a few months ago. Then I borrowed them from our children’s pastor. It helps that I’m married to him. šŸ™‚

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