Calorie Counting

I have a little guy on my caseload right now who is trying to come off a feeding tube. He’s not able to take in much food by mouth volume wise, so his mom and I are on search to find low volume, high calorie foods.

Among the list:

1 pat of Fleischmann’s butter: 100 calories

1 T of heavy whipping cream: 60 calories

1 T of french vanilla coffee creamer: 40 calories

Can you BELIEVE that? 100 calories for ONE stinkin’ pat of butter! Wow. I honestly never even glance at nutrition labels…but the knowledge of that 100 calories puts eating a piece of buttered toast in a whole new light.

Anyway, his mom adds that kind of high calorie stuff to his mashed potatoes, puddings, pureed mac and cheese…all kinds of foods, to help him get more ‘bang for his buck.’

All this thinking about calories has been good for me! No more just haphazardly dumping 1/4 cup of french vanilla creamer in my large coffee! Or… at least feeling a little bit of guilt when I do, rather than never giving it a second thought.

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Speaking of food…

I wish I had a sophisticated palette. I wish I wasn’t tempted with the vast array of high calorie concoctions that fine eating establishments (Sonic) can dream up.

But alas, I seem to have the palette of a 13 year old boy, and I find things like this very tempting:

I came very close to parting with $1.99 today and leaving Sonic with Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake Bites with caramel dipping sauce.

It was a close call. But I stayed strong, and parted from my time at Sonic with only my Cranberry Slush to show for it.


5 comments on “Calorie Counting

  1. I have a friend who has a special needs daughter. When she was coming off her feeding tube and needed to gain weight she ate PB by the spoonful, pudding made with heaving whipping cream, and all sorts of things like that that no one else ever gets away with!

  2. The cookies and candies I’m about to make for Christmas must have at least 6000 calories, with all of the butter, cream, and sugar I’m using. It’s OK if it’s just once a year, right?

  3. Those cheesecakes make me want to head to sonic immediately! I would love watching a holiday movie while eating cheesecake and drinking coffee, with extra cream and sugar, of course, right now.

  4. just getting caught back up on your blog… loved the robot.. Ryan cracks me up!!!! and the play with Lauren.. so precious..
    Brought back sweet memories for me.. Bailey and I went on a special night much like yours last fall… to a small community play in Stillwater… Bay still talks about it.. and LOVED every second.. it was a very special night for us as well… and I totally understand the sentence about enjoying watching the girls more than the play itself.. I SO get it!!!!
    Have a great day!
    love ya,

  5. I’m taking Claire on a date next Tuesday to see Cinderella at the Tokyo National Theater Ballet, and I hope she is as enchanted! (Can’t do plays here because they’re not in English!!!) 🙂

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