Today or tomorrow I’ll go grocery shopping. I really should have gone yesterday.

Which means today is the day we get a little creative with meals. It’s been a clean out the fridge kind of morning.

The kids have impressed me with their ability to scavenge the depths of the pantry.

For breakfast, we had the last of some homemade pear preserves a woman in our church gave us (I love West Texas!) on the heels of a loaf of bread. Then some applesauce. Now they are splitting up the last of some mandarin oranges. Not enough milk for everyone, so they drank apple cider from a powdered mix.

I was struck this morning with the fact that my kids have never, ever, not once missed a meal. In some places when a mom says “We have nothing to eat”, it means something entirely different than when I say it. When I haven’t taken time to make a trip to the grocery store, I stand in my kitchen and say “We have nothing to eat”, somehow everyone still leaves the table with full bellies. I’m thankful.

(I’ve been following some of the Compassion Bloggers. Their posts tend to inspire thankfulness!)

One thought on “Scavengers.

  1. I’ve probably told you this before, so forgive me. But if you go to and do an ingredients recipe search, you can type in a few random ingredients that you DO have in your fridge or pantry, and it will pull up every recipe with those things in it. Usually I can can figure out SOMETHING to make, even if it seems like I couldn’t possibly make a meal out of what we have. I hate going to the grocery store. So this happens to me fairly frequently. I once made a rockin’ Shepherd’s Pie doing this! I need to make that again!

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