Product Loyalty

I wonder….Am I the only one with strange reasons for product loyalty?

I buy Griffin’s Original Syrup for one reason.

It’s made in Muskogee, OK.

I feel like I’m being loyal to my home state when I buy it.

Yep. Every time I make pancakes, I’m sure to take note of that little “made in Muskogee” label on the syrup bottle.

Come to think of it, I’ve been known to purchase Shawnee Mills products (made in Shawnee, OK!) for the same reason. Hmm….I could have some issues.

Looking forward to making a trip ‘home’ at Thanksgiving. Looking forward to obnoxiously singing the Oklahoma state song when we cross the border.

“O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A! Oklahoma! OK!”

Disclaimer: I may be feeling a bit of home state loyalty right now because Ryan is studying the State of Texas in first grade social studies. You know how most Texans firmly believe they live in the very best state in the Union? A completely different, set apart, specially blessed by God, kind of state? Yeah. I guess they start that indoctrination really young around here. :-)

3 comments on “Product Loyalty

  1. Uh. What do you mean, “Most Texans firmly believe they live in the very best state in the Union.” I didn’t get that comment. Born in Houston raised in San Antonio, now I reside in Dallas.

    Lived in California for eight years to serve. Hoorah! But hurried as quickly as I could back to the wonderful Country of Texas. So I did not get the comment at all.

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