On Wednesdays, Ryan is in school, Dylan is in preschool, and Jonathan is at work.

That leaves just me and Lauryn at home. Girl time!

Today was our first day to have the house to ourselves.

I predict a lot more fingernail polish and Strawberry Shortcake cartoons in our future Wednesdays together.

Lauryn has been testing every boundary we set lately…and in doing so meeting her goal of irritating me to the point of exhaustion. Maybe I’m just imagining that her ultimate goal is to frustrate me? But after the week we’ve had I don’t think so. I don’t think I’m imagining. Am I imagining??!!?? PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THAT THREE YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRLS DON’T PLOT TO STEAL THE SANITY OF THEIR MOTHERS!

Anyway, we’ve been butting heads a bit often lately – so I’m going to work hard to make our once a week girl time enjoyable. The thirty minutes of peace snuggled up on the couch together watching Strawberry Shortcake was sweet indeed. Thank you Strawberry. Thank you berry, berry much.

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