The preschool story time I started a few months ago has been a ton of fun. (It’s also been quite a bit of work, so I’m very grateful for friends who have stepped up and helped with all the planning and preparation.)

Today our theme was “ducks”. After we read duck books and sang duck songs, the kids made duck hats. Then we all waddled, quacked, swam, and flew around the room wearing our creations. I was the lead duck, quacking and waddling at the head of the line. Main requirement to teach preschoolers: have no shame.

After story time we headed to a local playa lake (which I would have called a pond before moving to West Texas) and feed the ducks and geese some bread donated from a local restaurant.

Today was the best story time yet. For our snack my friend Cheri made rice krispie treats. Then the kids used a cookie cutter to cut out a duck shape, covered their rice krispie duck with yellow frosting, and used a chocolate chip for an eye and a candy corn for the bill. I wish I would have taken a picture – they were adorable.

Here’s one of my cute little ducklings eating his lunch.

I’m considering creating a blog post detailing our previous story times, and listing all the books, songs, games, crafts, and snacks we’ve used for each theme. Let me know if anyone out there is interested. (Potential story time leaders perhaps? Kelly? Becky?)

It’s a blessing watching wee ones and their grown-ups interact. And waddle. And quack at each other.

3 comments on “Quack

  1. I would love a blog post listing all the stuff you have used so far. You are so creative.

    P.S. – could you please make a homemade “Palin Power” sign and post it on your front door for your husband to see when he gets home? That would crack (scratch that), “quack” me up!

  2. I would love a list!! but only when you have the time! I don’t know when we will be “home” next but We would love to come when we are there! I love the duck-krispies idea!! too fun!

    1. )Nadal: “yes, I play football, but more for fun and all”Announcer: “In spite of his age and overcoming his shyness, this was his first interview for Spanish national teiowislen.”…avww, and he had just lost. Like Oddman, gotta go hug my thirteen year old (who will hate it).

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