Craft time has taken a dark turn.

I remember when I would give the boys construction paper and scissors, and they would create trees and flowers…or maybe some cute bunny ears to wear…perhaps an ocean scene with colorful jumping fish.

Of course that was back when I was providing plenty of suggestions and guidance.

They’ve moved on from wanting my input, and moved on from making sweet little bunny ears.

Meet the creatures that emerge after two little boys are told to “make a craft” while mom makes dinner:

They do, however, have a softer side.

It’s pretty cute to watch two masked monsters help their little sister make a pink princess crown, then agree to her demand that they all hold hands and pose for a picture.

May I just add that Lauryn dressed herself yesterday. She reasoned that this shirt and skirt “match” because they both have flowers on them. Can’t fault that logic.

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