Watching a little network TV this morning.

Is The Karate Kid my most favorite movie ever?

Quite possibly, yes. (Until I catch another random 1980’s flick on TV. Then it will be my new favorite.)

My whole family loved this movie. My mom and I were known to do poor imitations of Mr. Miyagi for years after the rest of the world had moved on.

We shared a favorite scene: fly-catching with chopsticks. “You beginner luck.” Greatness.

I must say that when I watch it now, the unintentional comedy rating is pretty high. I don’t remember laughing at the “Give him a body bad!!!” line when I was in elementary school. But it gets big laughs now.

The Cobra Kai also seem much less intimidating. I remember being in elementary school, and thinking gangs of kids who took karate at the local dojo might terrorize me once I reached high school. Oh how Hollywood shaped my young impressionable mind!

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